Commercial Reboot | Collaborations
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Let’s work together!

The Commercial Practices collaborate on (research)projects with several organisations, institutions and companies. The outcomes of these projects can be implemented in the curriculum of the Commercial Practices, as assignments, workshops, expert meetings or research projects.


Ivan Henriques

Collaborators: VU Amsterdam, Willem de Kooning Academy, CEFET-RJ, European Space Agency, FLiNT, CNRS, Synergetica. (NWO- Research Through Design Award))

Humans are now drivers of environmental change on a scale that is unique in Earth’s history. Anthropocentric landscapes are characterised by reduced biodiversity and deteriorated ecosystems. In the meantime preparations are being made for lunar and Martian habitats, requiring a tremendous advancement in the methods and instrumentation of ecosynthesis. How will scientists and engineers working with artists and designers accomplish this endeavour? SyMSE aims to create an autonomous system for enhancing terrestrial ecosystems and facilitating atmospheric formation on other planets through artificial photosynthesis.

Speculations & Science

Collaborators: Erasmus MC & Willem de Kooning Academy

In this collaboration, ErasmusMC (Dept. of Molecular Genetics and Communication) and WdKA bring together scientists and artists /designers to create awareness, answer questions, and visualise and explain scientific projects and issues for scientific peers, politics, and society.

Questions include: how can medical processes be visualised in a convincing, imaginative way for different audiences? How can fundamental, curiosity driven and speculative research connect art and biomedical science, for example, through topics like speculation, serendipity, bio design, bio hacking?